Vanilla Deer Mineral Infusion

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Vanilla Deer Mineral Infusion By Buck Stalker.

The best minerals deer need is now offered to you in Vanilla flavor and is exclusively formulated to maximize the development, overall health and growth potential of your entire whitetail deer herd. Now featuring world class Phosphorus and Calcium percentages combining to make the best deer mineral for antler growth potential, as well as essential vitamins A, D and E for better stress recovery and healthier does and fawns. This seductive vanilla deer mineral is the best supplement to place on deer trails, near a bedding area, or a primary source of water. The addictive long range aroma and sweet powerful taste of this nutritious blend of Vanilla whitetail deer mineral will keep bringing them back for more. Purchase now.

Vanilla Deer Mineral Analysis:

  • 18% Calcium Max
  • 3% Phosphorus
  • 36% Salt Max
  • 0.69% Magnesium
  • 0.01% Potassium
  • 180 PPM Copper
  • 3.0 PPM Selenium
  • 1200 PPM Zinc
  • 500 PPM Iron
  • 1 PPM Iodine
  • 750 PPM Manganese
  • 13 PPM Cobalt
  • 10000 IU/lb. Vitamin A
  • 1863 IU/lb. Vitamin D
  • 5 IU/lb. Vitamin E
  • 6 lb. Bag
  • Manufactured In KY, USA

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  • when should I put out my deer mineral site?

    The most whitetail deer activity around minerals is in late winter through the beginning of spring. This is the time when deer are putting on weight and recovering from the winter months.